Progress and Roadmap

From May 2021 and Beyond

1st Product: Vaults Feed | End of June

Very much like Feed, but on the primary level, Vaults are capital pools that automatically generate yield based on opportunities in the market. Many investors in Vaults will find that Vaults Feed adds another layer on top, whereby it acts as a Vault of Vaults; essentially a Feeder Fund to Master Funds.

‌Dozens of those Vaults exist on BSC today, and more are certainly on their way. While each Vault performs based on its underlying algorithms and formulas, Vaults Feed is indifferent to that strategy; instead, it focuses on what the market thinks is the right allocation and optimizes as such.

2nd Product: LP Vaults Feed / LP Feed | End of July

Note: As of the time of writing, the structure of this product may change. The option is whether to go through vaults or go directly to liquidity pools. The key deciding factor is gas fees and flexibility. More updates will come.

Liquidity Pools are pools of cryptocurrencies (a pair of the same value) provided by holders of such cryptocurrencies to facilitate trading on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). As other investors trade against these pools, Liquidity Providers, as the holders are known, receive a fee.

Hundreds of such pools exist across multiple protocols, some generating more yields than others, some with more or less underlying risks, all are always changing. LP Feed (or LP Vaults Feed) automatically allocates capital across these vast numbers of pools and rebalances its allocation over time. For example, deposit BNB and we'll reallocate that BNB deposit into the top 10 or 20 BNB LPs (or LP Vaults). The net effect is an expected lowering of impermanent loss; or at the very least reduced volatility of it.

Upgrades to Initial Products Launches

Post the first and second product launches; we'll continue to develop the product to increase coverage. That means that we'll add more deposit token options to cover at least most of the TVL sitting in vaults and LPs.

After this is complete, Feeder Finance will start working on more investment products that cater to the general DeFi investor that would simplify and promote long-term investments in DeFi. The team has planned for additional products but will work with the Feeder Finance community to decide on the platform's future.