What's Feeder Finance?

A DeFi Aggregator for Diversified Yield Generation.
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Feeder Finance (“Feeder”) is a DeFi aggregator (“Feed”) for diversified yield generation on Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”). Feeder aims to allow investors to feed capital into lending platforms, liquidity pools, vaults, and other DeFi products in an automated and diversified process.


Prudent investors look for ways to manage risk while earning yields effectively. At this point (early 2021), many dozens of DeFi platforms have been launched on BSC; within it, hundreds of investment options are ever-growing. Maintaining a diversified portfolio, not to mention keeping up with the changes in yields and products, requires a substantial amount of time and effort, something some investors enjoy. In contrast, others look for ways to automate the process. This is where Feeder Finance comes in…

What is Feeder Finance?

As DeFi evolves, more and more unique yield generating products will likely emerge, however at this juncture, two main yield generating products stand out: 1) Liquidity Pools/Farms and 2) Vaults/Lending. Our product, acting a lot like a real-world feeder fund; we call this “Feed”, invests the investor's capital across multiple target locations. Through an intermediary, i.e.: Feeder Finance, Feed efficiently automates yield generation. Essentially for a fee, Feeder Finance provides a platform for diversification and automation, enabling easy allocation of capital into multiple desired end-products in one go.‌

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Automation and Diversification Mechanics

The automation and diversification mechanics are based on a very simple yet widely regarded assumption that the market as a whole is the best allocator of capital (aka “Efficient Market Hypothesis”). Hundreds of thousands of BSC users decide where and how much of their capital to invest. While not all users agree, in aggregate, and over time, they form an efficient consensus about risks and rewards.‌ To overweight and underweight an allocation, Feeder Finance refrain from making predictions and rely on the Random Walk Hypothesis, which, put simply, states that the best predictor of tomorrow’s return is yesterday’s return.

Each Feed covers a select list of products or platforms and uses a formula to decide how to allocate among the covered products and when to rebalance. The factors driving decisions are:‌

  • Total Value Locked (TVL)

  • Last Period APY

  • Platform Fees

  • Rebalance Thresholds

Team and Governance

Feeder Finance is led by an experienced full-stack developer, a successful online marketing professional, and a finance industry veteran. The inspiration for the launch of Feeder Finance came down to a quest to find ways to automate investing in DeFi and failing. As participants of various crypto communities, the team recognizes communities’ importance for long-term success. Ultimately, Feeder Finance will be governed by FEED holders. The goal is to launch core products and hand the governance over.‌

Why Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

Very simple, to be able to diversify, speed and transaction cost is vital. More importantly, we do see BSC, at its current state, as the ecosystem for the masses; everyone should participate in the future regardless of their starting capital. We aim to bring the level of sophistication, transparency, and professionalism that is expected on Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain.

Our Channels

Website: https://feeder.finance/ Community Telegram: https://t.me/FeederFinance Telegram Price Talks: https://t.me/joinchat/VosXn5_-aM0xNWFh Official News: https://t.me/FeederFinanceNews Official Discord: https://discord.gg/e3uvPRJM Twitter: https://twitter.com/FeederFinance Medium: https://medium.com/feeder-finance