Transaction Tax: 0 %

PancakeSwap Trade: 0.2 %

SpookySwap Trade: 0.2%


Harvest Fees: 7%

Destination: Developer and Insurance wallets
  • 5% -> Developer wallet for on-going development and associated costs
  • 2% -> Insurance wallet which will be used for reserves

Withdrawal Fee: 5%

Destination: Fee Collector to Buyback and Distribute
  • 5% -> Distribution to FEED Holders after market buying of FEED

Farming Fee Rationale

Why the Withdrawal fee goes back to the community?
Withdrawals without going back into the staking pool signify investor exit. While this is natural, the fee makes sure an exit does not come without costs. This cost goes back directly to the community who are sticking with the project and holding strong. Nonetheless, if farmed long enough, the rewards would have paid for such fee many times over.
Why Harvest fee is distributed to Developer and Insurance wallets?
Simply because both needs to be capitalized to get the project to its destination, and beyond; to create value and comfort for all stakeholders. We are and will remain transparent about this. The reason it's structured in a way that this is coming off the harvest rather than the withdrawal because we'd rather not touch users' initial capital. The APY is minted and does hold value. Still, this new value was, in a sense, created by the dev and marketing efforts. We think it is fair that a portion is deducted towards continuous development towards more value of the project; and the underlying token.


The fees listed below occur because of our service. Target vaults such as Rabbit also charge fees.

Entry Fees: 0.1% of deposits

Destination: Governance Treasury wallet
Once governance is transferred to the community after core products launch, the Governance Treasury wallet will be managed by the governance body.‌
  • Objective:
    • To create DEMAND for our native token that correlates with the usage of the platform
    • To create UTILITY that drives part of FEED intrinsic value

Exit Fees: 0.1% of withdrawal

Destination: Developer wallet
  • Objective:
    • To pay for GAS FEES that the smart contracts need to run on
    • To support DEVELOPMENT and MAINTENANCE of the platform
    • To support any other INITIATIVES for future products that may require advisors or partnerships

Profit-Sharing: 5.0% of profits

Note: '[Platform] Strategy' will not have profit-sharing fees from the Feeder Finance platform

Destination: Fee Collector to Buyback and Distribute, and Developer wallet

  • 3.5% -> Distribution to FEED Holders after market-buying of FEED
  • 1.5% -> Developer Wallet development and associated costs
  • Staking Pool: As the products become more popular, FEED stakers benefit from CASHFLOWS generated by usage of the platform; further driving the value of the native token
  • Developer Wallet: The main purpose of the developer wallet is to drive Development, Maintenance, and other Business Development costs.

Target Platform Fee Summary

APY shown on platform UI includes all fees. The below fees are fees that include Feeder Finance fees and represent all-in fees to users.
Feeder Finance
0.0% - 0.1%
0.1% - 0.2%
AutoFarm Network
Beefy Finance
Pancake Bunny
Rabbit Finance
Please note that Profit Share is a fee on APY, in other words, rewards/returns that are being generated. This means if $100 was deposited, $10 was earned, a 10% profit share would leave the investor with a $109 balance ($10 * 10% = $1 in fees) instead of $110.