How to Farm FEED

Join Feeder as early adopter by farming
We've noted the fee structure in our Tokenomics section but want to make sure you go back and familiarize yourself with it before you deposit your LP tokens to the farm.

Where/How to Farm FEED tokens

Step 1: Where to Farm FEED tokens
Head over the Feeder Finance Website
Feeder Finance Search tab
Alternatively, go straight to our DApp through this link:
Step 2: Then open the "Farming" tab, connect your wallet and press the "Approve"-button. Submit the transaction and wait a few seconds until it is confirmed by the network. The "Approve"-button goes away after successful approval.
Feeder Finance Farming tab
Step 3: Enter how much you would like to stake, and then press "Deposit FEED-BNB LP". Approve the transaction and wait a few seconds until your transaction has been confirmed.‌
Step 4: Congratulations! You've now learned to swap tokens on Decentralized Exchange, provide liquidity to receive LP tokens, and deposit your LP tokens to start Farming!