CertiK Security Audit

CertiK Security Audit - June 2021

The Report Covers the following deployed contracts:

  • FeedToken (BSCScan)

    • Contract of the FEED token

  • FeedFarm (BSCScan)

    • Contract of the Farming Pool

  • FeedTimelock (BSCScan)

    • Contract of the timelocked tokens to be distributed to founders, developer wallet, and marketing wallet)

  • FeedTimelockV2 (BSCScan)

    • Contract timelocking the 10,000 FEED-BNB LP initial liquidity provided for the IDO

Note: Not included in this audit report is the StakedFeedToken contract, which is the contract for the staking pool. The contract was completed after engagement with CertiK and was planned to be included with the Vault add-on. The add-on was called off and hence was left unaudited at this point. The code is short and standard - used by projects with hundreds of millions in value locked. Users are free to audit the code here however we do not see any potential threat.

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