Security of Funds

Feeder Finance has the following wallets securely owned and managed by the team. All wallets are MultiSig (Multi-signatures) wallets that require at least two out of three approval from the founders' hardware wallet before the transaction can be sent to the network:
  • Developer Wallet
  • Marketing Wallet
  • Governance Treasury Wallet
  • Insurance Wallet
  • Fee Collector - Collector of platform and farming fees to be distributed

Additional layers of security

To ensure the highest security of our wallets each hardware wallet is duplicated into another hardware wallet and stored securely in a physical safe.

Risks of Platform

Feeder Finance is in alpha, which means upcoming features permanent or stable. They may be subject to change to best adapt to the fast-moving changes of the industry. We encourage all of our users to study through the docs before using this platform.

Smart Contracts Risks

Our smart contracts are based on several successful and battle-tested projects, such as our FeedFarm contract, initially based on SushiSwap MasterChef.
To increase another level of security and reduce the possibility of human errors, each smart contract had gone through automated tasks to test against each line of code to make sure it performs the correct actions and functions as expected.
We observe every exploit that happens in crypto.
Our AutoStaking vaults can't get flash loans exploited. An address can only perform one transaction per block with our AutoStaking vaults, but flash loans require multiple transactions.
The security standard of our AutoStaking smart contracts is extremely high since we don't use any oracles, and because of the simplicity and flash loan protection. The audit by PeckShield took one month, and we have resolved every issue. We are growing an insurance fund but we can't guarantee the security of the target vaults even though we only choose high-quality ones. Our Auto Diversify product is a great choice when you want to have a simple and diversified experience.