Why should I buy FEED?

Reasons to Buy FEED


  • Best DeFi Aggregator for easy investment experience

  • Trusted team building Feeder since April 2021

  • Max Supply of 100 million FEED

  • FEED holders earn more FEED from the growth of the Feeder ecosystem

  • FEED price is constantly supported by buybacks

  • Feeder Finance sets new transparency, innovation, and security standards

  • FEED is a yield generating governance token of the platform

  • Staking FEED enables you to earn a constant stream of passive income

  • Feeder Finance is expanding both products and chains coverage to benefit from the industry growth and innovation




FEED Token has a total max supply of 100,000,000 FEED.

Feeder Finance starts with 31,750,000 FEED distributed across multiple time-locked wallets (5,000,000 FEED and 20 BNB of the founders' capital has been used to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap -- LP tokens have been time-locked for one year (contract). The remaining 26,750,000 FEED are time-locked and released according to schedule for Team, Marketing/Ecosystem Reserves, and Development wallets.

The remaining 68,250,000 FEED of supply will be distributed at a decelerating rate by Farming.

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Feeder Finance collects fees through platform usage, every transaction leads to FEED buybacks. Fees are used to regularly buy FEED to be distributed to FEED staking pool. As more products and services come online, more users will use our platform, leading to more buyback pressure.

Remember, token price is driven by demand and supply. FEED demand grows, while FEED supply is limited.

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Transparency & Security

Every step the team takes we transparently communicate to the community. Important decisions get made through our governance platform where every FEED holder can participate.

The crypto ecosystem is notorious for regular smart contract exploits. Not a week goes by without https://www.rekt.news/ announcing a new exploit. Feeder Finance carefully keeps track of such events. We intentionally avoid features such as oracles and flash loans for our products. They are well-known for being responsible for most exploits. To ensure the highest security standard, we let our contracts get audited by the best auditors the ecosystem has to offer.

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