⌚Feature Expansions

P2P Lending in its launch stage is straightforward, two people making individual loans with each other. However, the foundational smart contract allows for massive expansions, and this is what we're thinking and planning:

  • Feeder Finance Loan Shop - Enabling the functionality launch lending pools with pre-set terms as lenders. Borrowers can chip away at the pool's deposited funds by providing collaterals asked by the pool. Each new loan to the borrower is automatically generated as funds are borrowed; essentially automating the individual deal-making process into a structured loan shop.

  • GameFi and Art NFT Lending - The underlying contract does not only limit assets collateralized and lent be an ERC-20 token. It could be ERC-721 tokens and thus open up lending and borrowing of assets in the NFT structure.

  • NFT and Loan Marketplace - Embedded in every loan is an NFT that the lender receives as part of the claim to the loan. These are transferrable ERC-721 tokens that the lenders hold and need to claim returned assets or liquidate collaterals. Soon, Feeder Finance will launch the loan marketplace that allows for trading and exchanging of these NFTs and enables liquidity to lenders, and opens up more tolerance for longer-term loans to lenders.

Many more features will come as the flexibility and decentralized nature of the protocol allows for much innovation to be built on top of it.

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