How to Buy FEED

Buying FEED on PancakeSwap

Where/How to buy FEED

Step 1. Where to Buy FEED

Use your browser and paste in the following link*:

Step 2. Connect Your Wallet

Once on PancakeSwap, click on the top right blue box called "Connect" to connect your wallet (See Figure 1).

Choose your wallet -- the most popular wallet is by far Metamask. But others work too, choose the one you are currently using.

  • Note! If you've never used PancakeSwap before, it will ask you to sign and allow Pancake permission to access your wallet information. That is fine, it needs that to know how much BNB or FEED you have in your wallet. Make sure that's all it's asking every time you sign similar requests. Scammers sometimes copy the exact website design of popular DApps to scam people into signing away their passphrase, never give anyone or anything your passphrase!

Step 3. "Swapping" Buying FEED using BNB

To swap your BNB for FEED, input the amount of BNB you're aiming to swap for FEED, or vice versa by inputting the number of FEED at the bottom box (see Figure 3). If you have never swapped FEED before you’ll be prompted to approve the token. Go ahead and do that. Then hit "Swap".

  • Note! Make sure you’re using the link/address in the docs or those that are provided here. Scammers can copy the same Token Ticker ("FEED") and sell you their token which IS NOT Feeder's FEED.

Step 4. You're set! Congratulations on passing Chapter 1 of DeFi, and welcome to the FEED community. Get ready to be part of taking BSC DeFi to the next level with!

*Alternatively use the following contract address to paste in the into the search box: 0x67d66e8ec1fd25d98b3ccd3b19b7dc4b4b7fc493

These details might be useful to you when adding FEED to your favorite wallet.

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