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What is sFEED?

sFEED gets automatically created and sent to you when FEED is staked in the staking pool and sFEED gets burned when FEED is unstaked.

At the time of this post, 1 sFEED token represents about 2.47 FEED tokens in the staking pool. We refer to this as the sFEED (to FEED) ratio.

The rate at which the sFEED ratio changes depends on platform growth. With TVL and usage revenue, the Feeder Finance platform buys FEED, in the open market, for distribution to sFEED holders. In addition, this ratio can only go up.

sFEED holders receive this "profit share" based on their proportional ownership of sFEED outstanding. Simply, the more sFEED you own, the higher your share of platform revenue.

You can access the FEED staking pool here: https://feeder.finance/staking.

This is the contract address for sFEED which you can add as custom token for your wallet:

BSC: 0xEb9902A19Fa1286c8832bF44e9B18E89f682f614

FTM: 0x411f3e09c66b30e7facfec45cd823b2e19dfad2d

DO NOT sell your sFEED, you will lose your FEED token in the staking pool.

Why Hold sFEED?

Aside from sharing fees, sFEED is your Feeder Finance VIP Card that sticks with you as you navigate and use Feeder Finance's products and services.

There are two sFEED perks categories: 1) Discounted Fees, and 2) Unlocked Features:

Discounted Fees

All new vaults launched in 2022 will embed fee discount mechanics tied to sFEED tiers of the user. Become a Feeder owner and receive privileges as the platform's owners.

The following are how the tiers are split:

TiersDiscountssFEED Ownership

Tier 0 - Feeder


< 50,000

Tier 1 - Feeder Gold


50,000 - 99,999

Tier 2 - Feeder Platinum


100,000 - 199,000

Tier 3 - Feeder Diamond


200,000 - 499,000

Tier 4 - Feeder Master


500,000 - 999,999

Tier 5 - Feeder Grand Master



Note that fee discounts only apply to entry/exit fees that by default are 0.10% of deposit/withdraw tokens. Fees at target platforms still apply.

Unlocked Features

Our "All-in-One DeFi Platform" offers many tools and features today, with many more coming soon! As an sFEED holder or platform owner, you can unlock more and more functionality as your sFEED holding grows.

sFEED HODLING to the Top

The sFEED staking Dashboard shows many useful statistics about your sFEED investment and holding.

  • Staking APY: The estimated APY that sFEED pool is earning in FEED. Automatically earn more FEED by holding sFEED.

  • Your Staking Ranking: Your rank in the sFEED holding ranking.

  • Your Share: sFEED pool earns a portion of all platform fees. Your share of the sFEED pool shows how much of those fees you are earning as an sFEED holder. Below the share of the pool, you'll see how much estimated FEED your sFEED represents and as well as its value.

  • Wallet Balance: How much sFEED and FEED you have in your wallet.

  • Tier: Your current Tier (see what that means in the "Why Hold sFEED" section above; and how much fee discount you are entitled to with your current Tier.

  • Upgrade to next tier: How much more sFEED is needed to get to the next Tier.

Last 30 days ranking: Shows the changes and momentum of your sFEED ranking relative to everyone else.

Stake your FEED and become sFEED holders today at https://feeder.finance/staking

pageHow to Stake FEED

sFEED is Available on Multiple Chains

sFEED will be available on all chains that Feeder Finance is active. Without the need to bridge FEED to BSC's staking pool, holders can swap FEED for sFEED on any chain listed below and receive platform fees and perks. sFEED is created equal on all chains.


Get sFEED by swapping FEED for sFEED on SpookySwap here (Analytics)

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