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Founders of

The team at Feeder has chosen to remain anonymous for a variety of security and regulatory reasons. However, we are KYCed by multiple identities (scroll down for more info).
As a brief, Feeder was founded by three individuals; Jimmy, Patrick, and Paula.
@FeederFinance_Jimmy - Development Lead - Co-founded a full-stack software solution firm - Focuses on the development of the technology and platform
@FeederFinance_Patrick - Finance & Communications Lead - Backgrounds in Venture and Growth stage Investment Banking and Institutional Sales and Trading - Focuses on the financial product design, content creation, and communications
@FeederFinance_Paula - Marketing Lead - Co-founded a digital marketing agency - Focuses on media, marketing, and partnerships
Through shared interests in cryptocurrency and investments, the team collaborated on Feeder, a project they felt was necessary and lacking in the space. The team's choice to build a "financial product" for "the public" means there is an extreme risk of legal issues where the team to identify themselves. The speed at which development and progress are being made would be marred by red tape and bureaucracy should the team publicly identify themselves.
The team has been KYC'd by partners and will continue to build a strong resume of KYCs and partners as the project progresses.


We will make ourselves as easily accessible as possible through Telegram and Telegram channels to engage with the community and encourage community participation. It's much more fun and exciting when we, as a community, can generate ideas, solve problems, and together, create what we see as our product, used and made by the Feeder Finance community.

Founding Team Contacts:

Our Growing Team of Talents!

  • @rafael_eth - Official Community Manager - Manages front-line communications and investor relations
  • @FeederFinance_DJ - Social Engagement and Community Manager - Supports engagement efforts on social media, community, and investor
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