How to Farm FEED

Join Feeder as early adopter by farming

Important Disclaimer on FEED Farm Fees:

We've noted this in our "Farm and Distribution" section but want to make sure you go back and familiarize yourself with it, if you haven't already, before you deposit your LP tokens to farm. Fees are important in many aspects for all stakeholders, they're designed to do that, and we've walked through them there. Again, the Farming and Staking fee structure is detailed in the Farming and Distribution

Where/How to Farm FEED tokens

Step 1: Where to Farm FEED tokens

Head over the Feeder Finance Website and click on "Launch App" either at the top right or in the middle highlighted in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1

Alternatively, go straight to our dApp through this link:

Step 2: How to Farm

First connect your wallet on the top right, click "Connect Wallet", then click "Start Farming". See below Figure 2.

Connecting your wallet goes through the same process as connecting your wallet before swapping your tokens on PancakeSwap. Check out the notes there to make sure you protect yourself.

Note though that we're working on a redesign of this page. The boxes to click will probably be labeled the same and are in similar places but the design will be different. Better!

Figure 2

After connecting your wallet and clicking "Start Farming" you'll arrive at the Farming section of the site (see Figure 3).

Figure 3

Hit "Deposit" to move to the next step. You'll find yourself at Figure 4 below:

Figure 4

Input the amount of LP tokens you want to deposit, or click "100%" to deposit all of your FEED-BNB LP tokens. Then click the green "Deposit FEED-BNB LP"

Metamask will ask your to confirm the transaction, hit "Confirm".

Once you've done that you'll notice that the FEED-BNB LP in your Wallet has moved over to "Deposited Balance" (See Figure 5)

Figure 5

Step 3: Congratulations -- you've passed Chapter 3 and graduated from the DeFi Basics Crash Course! You've now learned to "Swap" tokens on Decentralized Exchange ("DEX"), provide liquidity to receive "LP tokens", and deposit your LP tokens to start "Farming"!

Final notes: Feeder Farming starts on May 1st, so there won't be any claimable FEED until then. The team is always happy to help guide you if this complete tutorial failed to do so. Let us know if we can be helpful. Thank you Feeders!