With the introduction of the AutoConverter on every AutoFarming product page, users can provide liquidity using single tokens in one click. This bypasses users having to manually go to needed LP providers to swap and deposit tokens to receive LP tokens and then coming back for yield optimizing.
Simply click “Open Converter” and the user interface is clear and intuitive.
Feeder Finance AutoConverter
To Convert
    Select "Convert" tab at the top left
    Select the token available in your wallet that matches either side of the LP token
    Enter the amount of token or select the percentage options
    Click "Convert..."
To Redeem
    Click "Redeem" tab on the top right
    Enter the amount of LP token you wish to redeem
    Select the token you wish to break the LP token down into
    Click "Redeem"


The AutoConverter charges a 0.10% transaction fee.
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